What will you learn about yourself on the mountain?

One mountain. 12 hours. Infinite lessons.

The iFIT Summit Push is a new category of endurance challenge. We rent out Snowbasin ski resort for a day to give you a chance to see how many times you can climb the mountain in 12 hours. Are you ready to find out what you're made of?

5 Average number of summits per person
01:54 Average time per summit

A new type of challenge

The challenge? Summit the mountain as many times as you can in 12 hours. Hike up. Gondola down. Repeat.

The reward? Your number of summits is reflected on your exclusive finisher hat.

The impact? A new mental toughness that may change your perspective and unlock a better version of you. Push outside your comfort zone and be amazed by what you're capable of.

Take your workout from the screen to the summit

Step out from behind the screen and put your training to the test. Give yourself a goal to work toward and the reward of a once in a lifetime shared experience with the rest of the iFIT community. Connect with iFIT trainers Casey Gilbert and Heather Jenson on the mountain.

The Experience

We rent out Snowbasin ski resort for the day for this exclusive event. Hike up the mountain. Ride down the gondola. Repeat. After 12 hours, enjoy a post-event party with food, drinks, music, and awards.

2,310 vertical feet of each summit
2.3 miles covered per hike
6,391 base camp elevation
72 average high temp (F)
  • Training plan

    Receive an 8-week training plan from iFIT to make sure you’re set up to crush your goal # of summits!
  • Exclusive 12-hour event entry

    We rent out Snowbasin mountain for the day to give you the chance to do something extraordinary
  • Private gondola access

    Rest and recuperate between climbs on your way down the mountain in the gondola
  • Trainer hikes

    Hike with Casey Gilbert, Heather Jenson, and other trainers as they lead groups up the mountain at 8am, 11am, and 2pm
  • Limited edition event swag

    Hats (with your number of completed summits on them), and other exclusive gear to make sure you remember this day for a long time
  • Post-event party

    Music and awards to cap the event off in style with your fellow climbers. Food and drinks available for purchase
  • Casey Gilbert

    As the head coach of Summit Push, Casey will be leading us up the mountain, and motivating us to climb more than we thought possible!

    Meet Casey 
  • Heather Jenson

    Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Heather has completed 18 marathons and 7 Ironmans. Her personal mantra 'You can do hard things’ is the spirit of the Summit Push.

    Meet Heather